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  • n. The uncontrolled, often obsessive use of obscene or scatological language that may accompany certain mental disorders, such as Tourette's syndrome.

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  • n. The uncontrolled use of abusive, obscene or scatological language; especially such behaviour associated with Tourette syndrome

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  • n. A morbid tendency to indecent speech.

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  • n. an uncontrollable use of obscene language; often accompanied by mental disorders


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

copro- + Greek laliā, babbling (from lalein, to talk).

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From copro- + -lalia.


  • That shouting-curse-words condition is called coprolalia, and while it may be the most famous symptom associated with Tourette's, only about Top headlines

  • And if you don't know what "coprolalia" means, look it up.

    April 2004

  • From what sources I read, the focus on policy issues has shrunk to accommodate this untapped rage and not-so-latent racism and sexism boiling in the conservative media outlets, which finds its voice in Ann Coulter's coprolalia.

    Coulter Clarifies "Faggot" Remark

  • Representative Wilson's spontaneous episode of coprolalia crystallized the mean-spirited conservative position for all the world to see.

    Suzanne Langlois: Game On

  • Next, there was coprolalia -- repeating curse words.

    Printing: Brain Dead Senate Economasturbation

  • Tics vokal klasik termasuk berkata jorok (coprolalia) dan menirukan atau mengulangi ucapan orang lain (echolalia).

    Mengenal Misteri Sindrom Tourette – Netsains.Com

  • Perhaps I never went through this phase as a kid, but coprolalia has never been my colostomy bag...

    Golden Globes!

  • As someone who has overcome Tourette's - a syndrome that is often associated with coprolalia, the involuntary exclamation of obscenities - Dan Aykroyd has some choice words for David Cameron, who jokingly suggested that Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, was showing symptoms of the condition in the House of Commons. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph

  • Still, when Howard joined the English team Manchester United in 2003, some U.K. newspapers actually used the words "handicapped" and "retarded" to describe him - one publication even called him the team's "swearing savior," an alliterative reference to coprolalia, a symptom Top headlines

  • Wayne Rooney's famous coprolalia has referees scrambling to learn twenty English swear words which could result in a player getting booked if the word matches the ones on the list.


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  • JM swears that coprolalia is just #^&@*+!!

    April 14, 2011