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  • n. A kind of bread made of the meal of Indian corn. See corndodger, johnny-cake, and corn-pone.


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  • Local favorites include salt cod with crumbled corn-bread, lamprey in red wine, or papas de sarrabulho—a steaming black mash that involves the heart, lungs, liver and throat lining of a pig stewed in the animal's blood.

    Within Portugal's Cradle

  • The earliest TV dinners were packaged in silver foil trays and included hand-scooped portions of turkey, corn-bread dressing with gray, buttered peas and sweet potatoes.

    More Ready-to-Zap Foods Showing Up in the Freezer Case

  • Carl and Neil Fletcher started selling their corny dogs — deep-fried hot dogs dipped in corn-bread batter — at the Fair in 1942.

    Making corny dogs at home | Homesick Texan

  • They introduced me to a number of important and compelling characters, all while feeding me corn-bread sticks and turnip greens.

    Interstate 69

  • They were going on a journey of several days on horse-back and Cushing was taken aback that they were taking essentially no supplies: a couple of small bags of cornmeal, some corn-bread, salt, pepper and their cooking utensils.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • Not for lunch today -- that would be a heap of sliced chicken on top of corn-bread stuffing, drenched with gravy and microwaved.

    Happy Boxing Day

  • Hastily devouring a morsel of corn-bread with coffee, I hastened away, with

    How I Found Livingstone

  • “Our feistiest one-and-a-half pounder with drawn butter and a side of corn-bread.”

    The Summer I Dared

  • Also, he knew how to mimic with his empty hands the peculiar patting and tossing of a pone of corn-bread before placing it in the oven.

    Mark Twain: A Biography

  • India placed the oyster, corn-bread and sausage stuffing on the table near Corri, who had developed a real fondness for this old Devlin family special.

    Devlin’s Light


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