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  • n. An agent having the opposite effect; an antidote.


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counter- +‎ agent


  • Quick Silver, the Keeper and counteragent have been out of action for some time.

    David Goyer's The Invisible Man Going Steam Punk! «

  • Crusher was able to isolate the contagion, produce a counteragent, and inoculate both mother and child.

    Star Trek: TNG: Losing the Peace

  • After a few minutes, we restarted his body with a counteragent.


  • "The cumulative toxins from the atmosphere will kill us if we don't receive our weekly counteragent injections."

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • He is said by officials to have been working for the Russians as a counteragent for over 15 years.

    CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Key FBI Agent Arrested for Spying - February 20, 2001

  • Kodos was willing to gamble that the surviving half of the colony could live on short rations long enough either for sufficient aid to arrive or a counteragent for the blight to be found.

    A Flag Full of Stars

  • It was only three days later that a Federation relief team beamed down, released a genetically tailored counteragent to the blight into the atmosphere of Tarsus IV and, to its horror, discovered irrefutable evidence of the massacre in the square.

    A Flag Full of Stars

  • Or it might have been the single factor that made its loss possible, which made it imperative for Skan to have found one and gotten it back so that Urtho's mages could create a counteragent.

    The Black Gryphon

  • Bioservice has developed a counteragent but naturally wants to study possible side effects before releasing it to us ....

    The Stars Are Also Fire

  • When the vessel was brought aboard the ShiKahr, Thea had time to administer the counteragent which would revive them.

    Killing Time


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