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  • adj. Intended to combat terrorism
  • n. A person involved in counter-terrorism, who works against terrorists.

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  • adj. intended to prevent terrorism
  • n. someone who attempts to prevent terrorism


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

counter- +‎ terrorist


  • That, by the way, is why the USMC uses the M40A1 (militarized Remington 700), and despite what Hollywood shows people using for long range shooting in counterterrorist units or whatever, SWAT and other mil tend to base their snipers around the Savage 10 or the Remington.

    Is Your Next Deer Rifle An AR?

  • T. Golan Stockholm, SwedenAmerica needs to invest in long-term counterterrorist measures like cultural understanding.

    Mail Call

  • Diplomats and military leaders had for years used numerous back channels to keep both groups on the sidelines while we engaged in counterterrorist warfare.

    Ten Years Later

  • They instead want to have -- they want to fight, you know, with drones from afar and take out top al Qaeda leadership, what is -- a so-called counterterrorist strategy.

    CNN Transcript Oct 2, 2009

  • It's not a new story: the U.S. government, and the business interests it represents, lend "counterterrorist" or "countersmuggler" aid to a Latin American government, and the "aid", which happens to look a lot like military weapons, gets used to suppress student, peasant, and labor unrest.

    How the U.S. helps Mexico eradicate the Zapatista resistance

  • David Kilcullen, a well-respected Australian anthropologist and 'counterterrorist' specialist,

    The World Can't Wait!

  • Much the same can be said for the United States and its myopic "counterterrorist" policies that rely on the demonization of entire communities, driftnet surveillance of the population, the infiltration of provocateurs into antiwar, socialist and left-wing organizations with no demonstrable ties to international terrorism, and the induced climate of suspicion and fear that breed social paralysis in the face of grave, contemporaneous ruling class threats to democracy.

    Gorilla Radio blog

  • In other words, under cover of conducting "counterterrorist" border searches, dodgy outfits such as the CIA, FBI, and the NSA are now asserting a "right" to have access to data seized from travelers 'cell phone directories, laptops, financial data or confidential business records stored in CBP databases "available" for their perusal.

    Information Liberation

  • Special Forces and divided into “counterterrorist pursuit teams.”

    Tom Engelhardt: The War Addicts: 2016 and Then Some

  • They had asked for nearly 20,000 personnel to carry out counterterrorist operations, support American diplomats, and provide training and support to the Iraqi security forces.

    Obama's Tragic Iraq Withdrawal


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