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  • n. One who works with another; a fellow worker.

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  • n. Somebody with whom one works; a companion or workmate.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

co- +‎ worker


  • I certainly would not want a mission controller plugged into their iPhone Twittering how their coworker is a nerd when they should be watching their console.

    Looks Like MOD Can Overrule JSC (and NASA HQ) PAO - NASA Watch

  • I have a number of friends over there and a coworker is a Psyops Top who has done three tours over there, and he has told me some chilling stories about the “actionable info” they recieve (mostly junk and political moves), and about the (illegal) abuses from our military to captured personell.

    Think Progress » Milestone: Americans Disapprove of Bush Terror Efforts

  • Got a call about half an hour ago form her, saying it was happening again, worse, so her friend/coworker is taking her to the doc.

    John Stewart Slaps CNBC

  • Based on your headline, you feel that your former coworker is a simple political hack?

    Kroger comes through for Sam the Tram (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • As Napoleon was sick, he called his coworker Tim White to address the situation.

    Elena Quintana: Graduation Night

  • I doubt my Aboriginal coworker is okay with hearing the word "niggaz" being spouted, as well as the remark made the other day whilst we were listening to hip hop that he "feels so black".

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • A coworker from the Erie area later identified them as Niagara Grapes.

    Niagara Grape Conserve: It's Not Easy Being Green

  • When I got an email from my nearest and dearest pop culture-loving friend announcing that Britney is giving the old heave-ho to the man who gave disheveled douchebags around the world hope, I called a coworker over and held hands with her as we erupted in joyous squeals.

    chicagojo Diary Entry

  • HEMMER: I know as a coworker and a jogging partner, you were quite close with her.

    CNN Transcript Jul 23, 2004

  • I have been directing my energy to other things in my free moments lately and, just when I thought work was easing back to normal, a coworker is on vacation this week and it’s messing with my blogging life!

    Write On Wednesday-Everybody Write


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