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  • adj. Having some characteristics of a crab
  • adj. Walking or moving sideways


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

crab +‎ -like. In sense “moving sideways”, due to crab’s sideways walk.


  • I tottered down the aisle sideways, crablike, trying not to bump the bags against the seats.


  • I took an enormous step backward, too fast, and I stumbled, my hands crablike behind me, gripping tufts of spring grass.

    The Bird House

  • A created race, crablike, used in Cliff's evolutionary intelligence experiments.

    Archive 2010-06-01

  • One sleeve was down, and the other up, his crablike fingers scrambling over the cotton.

    The Recall Year

  • It would tell her how to place the crablike feet for safety and speed, how to search recesses of the barren land for little wisps of sustenance or water.

    Songs of Love & Death

  • One twice his size with crablike claws, eight legs, and a shiny black exoskeleton.

    Artemis the Brave

  • With her new thick crablike appendages, Muthr grasped her headless original body and raised it.

    The Search For WondLa

  • With her crablike body the robot closed in on Rovender.

    The Search For WondLa

  • At the business end of that tentacle beast is a horse-headed monster made of water, with a half-dozen or more crablike claws that slam down on Kratos.

    GoW 3 Preview |

  • While being held captive by crablike aliens aboard a semi-organic spaceship, a homeless drifter whose living brain has been removed and attached to an electronic machine must make the ultimate sacrifice to save a friend's life.

    "Study: perception of hole size influenced by performance"


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