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  • adj. Resembling a crane (the bird) or some aspect of one.
  • adj. Resembling a crane (mechanical lifting device) or some aspect of one.


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crane +‎ -like


  • He sent for rope, horses, buffalo, timber, and man power from across Italy, constructing an elaborate cranelike apparatus to coax the monument into place.

    'Encyclopedia of the Exquisite: An Anecdotal History of Elegant Delights'

  • The doctor was just maneuvering the large cranelike X-ray machine over Billy's back.

    Baby Games

  • He bent over cranelike and angled the light nearer to the floor.

    The Merlot Murders

  • Resting on the PAGE was a magnifying glass, and above the dictionary was a cranelike metal reading lamp, about four feet long.


  • "Tell me," says Dencer, standing erect by the desk, cranelike, but a predatory crane.

    The Spellsong War

  • Uncomfortably, the cadet shifted his weight from one long, cranelike leg to the other.


  • On the hard-packed beach, Eden stopped and emptied them, standing cranelike, first on one foot, then on the other.

    Silver Wings, Santiago Blue

  • Bees fly in and out of flower heads and have an easier time with pollination because they are collecting nectar on all parts of their bodies; they have shorter legs and bodies and are not so cranelike as butterflies. Stories


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