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  • n. A Spanish American of European, usually Spanish descent.
  • adj. Of or relating to a criollo or criollos.
  • adj. Indigenous to or characteristic of a Spanish-American country: criollo cattle; a criollo dish.

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  • n. cocoa of superior quality
  • n. a Spanish American of pure European stock (usually Spanish)


Spanish; see Creole.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • It took the crew of 8,000 workers 14 months to finish the building, an architectural Frankenstein that combines elements of Art Deco, Baroque, Spanish colonial and Latin American criollo styles.

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  • The Mexican avocado, unlike the other two species, Guatemalan and West Indian, has leaves with a distinctive anise scent, and one of the varieties found in Mexico, the criollo, is eaten with its thin, purple-black skin.

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  • The Cuino and some other Latin American criollo types are threatened, as are most of Africa's traditional breeds.

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  • Deco, Baroque, Spanish colonial and Latin American criollo styles. - News

  • Williamson lays stress on the word criollo, which in Argentina is cognate with "Creole" without having at all the same meaning.

    The Immortal

  • Rosales is criollo, that is, there is at least one African American ancestor in his gene pool.

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  • The word "creole" is rooted in the Portuguese word criollo, which today means someone who was born in a colony run by the French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

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  • Fully grown "criollo" turkeys of Mexico are less than half the size of some improved strains.

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  • Descendants of Spanish and Portuguese cattle imported over 400 years ago, "criollo" cattle have adapted to a wide range of harsh climates.

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  • However, the majority of Mexicans are not "criollo" (do you mean "white"?).

    The Dia de La Independencia Debate


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