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  • adj. Alternative form of crossover.
  • v. To pass from one side or area, physical or abstract, to another.
  • v. To die.


cross + over (Wiktionary)
From the belief that one's dead soul crosses over a river (as the Jordan or Styx) when one dies (Wiktionary)


  • The saint made the sign of the cross over the vessels, and at the same moment the water, losing its natural saltness, became so good, that they all protested it was better than that of Bangar, of which the seamen make their ordinary provision, and which is esteemed the best water in all the Indies.

    The Works of John Dryden

  • The Scythian tribes north of the river had heard about the rebellion and rushed to the border, hoping for a chance to cross over and do some raiding while the Macedonians were distracted.

    Alexander the Great

  • His mind had left the Palinodes and he was thinking of Clarrie Grace as he stepped out from the pavement to cross over a narrow side street.

    More Work for the Undertaker

  • Each bridge we cross over the mountain rivers is guarded by a lone soldier in a sentry box, and as we speed through the forest we pass timber yards stacked high with the trunks of beeches, and the bull-nosed lorries of foresters in smoky clearings.


  • Imagine my surprise, then, when darkness fell, the moon rose, and Holmes made no move to follow Mr Bashir or cross over to question the Bedouin encampment on the opposite bank.

    O Jerusalem

  • A countryman of ours, a Mr. Ledyard of Connecticut, set out from hence some time ago for St. Petersburg, to go thence to Kamtschatka, thence to cross over to the western coast of America, and penetrate through the continent, to the other side of it.


  • The wife of Ekandono being in the convulsions of death, was instantly restored to health, after they had made the sign of the cross over her, with the discipline of the saint.

    The Works of John Dryden

  • And all the forces of the Sultan camped over against us, on the farther side of the stream of Raxi, to defend the passage; which was an easy matter for them, for nobody could cross over the water to their side, unless indeed we had swum it.

    The Memoirs of the Lord of Joinville

  • It was thro 'him I got her permission for poor Ledyard to go to Kamschatka, and cross over thence to the Western coast of America, in order to penetrate across our continent in the opposite direction to that afterwards adopted for Lewis and Clarke: which permission she withdrew after he had got within 200. miles of Kamschatska, had him siesed, brought back and set down in Poland.


  • But if we take the R7 regional rail to Trenton and cross over to New Jersey Transit, then we can make our purchases all via machines.

    Surrender the Dark


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