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  • v. Present participle of crutch.


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  • The bed bounced as she stood, and he heard the thump-step of her crutching across the room to her desk.


  • And I was like (bleep) they can't take my leg from me and then started crutching out of there.

    Minus A Leg, Still On A Mission In Afghanistan

  • Just before the live oaks closed in around the house behind me, I glanced in the rearview mirror, half expecting to see Doug crutching after me through the dark.

    Forget You

  • One of my oldest friends got it in '53 and has been crutching it for half a century; another acquaintance of mine spent most of his 49 years in an iron lung thanks to polio.

    Friday Music: Neil Young

  • My dear friend and esteemed correspondent Ms. AmpuT tells me that she can carry a full glass of champagne while crutching about, an achievement which puts me in awe.

    I offer to launder illegal funds, a trip down memory lane and more pain.

  • A dizzying scene sends 39,000-plus runners propelling themselves forward in any manner possible: sprinting, jogging, walking, wheeling and even crutching.

    New York Marathon: Five Boroughs, 26.2 Miles, 39,000 Stories

  • I imagine alot of the holy roller homophobes will stay home weeping and crutching a crucifix while trying to wipe the horrible image of thier pastor getting a backrub from one of the Village People out of their heads.

    Think Progress » Ted Haggard resigns

  • ATHENS No wonder Julie Foudy describes herself as "crutching impaired." - Injured ankle is quite a crutch for Rowdy Foudy

  • He quickly reversed himself and started crutching back toward his building as fast possible, nearly pole vaulting across the sidewalk… looking very much like just another loony out on the streets in the middle of the night.


  • To earn a few bob, crutching sheep was his job, Billy was thirteen years old,

    The Strike of 1894


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  • Shearing wool from a sheep's rump in order to discourage parasite infestation and disease.

    February 18, 2010