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  • noun Same as cryptorchis.

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  • noun A male animal with one or two undescended testicles.


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  • 2006 Jan 25;: 1-12, MT, Wagner, K, Delaney, DP, and Kolon, TF Gene expression alterations in cryptorchid males using spermatozoal microarray analysis ..

    Publications of the Urology Division

  • Molecular research (microarray of RNA) from the sperm of cryptorchid men to identify novel genes associated with poor seminal parameters.

    Urology Division Research

  • This large database has allowed physicians and researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to gain a deeper understanding of the cryptorchid testis and its impact on future fertility and cancer.

    Pediatric Andrology Program and Research

  • Mean sperm density was significantly decreased between control, unilateral and bilateral cryptorchid samples (110 vs. 80 vs. 16 million/cc, p = 0.05).

    Urology Division Research

  • Of these, 38 genes were significantly under-expressed in the cryptorchid samples including many transcriptional factors (cul3, prm1, hspcd35).

    Urology Division Research

  • Microarray results on 10 control patients (mean age 28.5 yrs) and 12 cryptorchid males (mean age 18.3 years; 8 unilateral, 4 bilateral).

    Urology Division Research

  • An apoptotic gene (TNF-alpha induced protein 3) was highly over-expressed (p = 0.001) in the cryptorchid samples suggesting a role for apoptosis as a cause for poor sperm densities.

    Urology Division Research

  • The castration of a true cryptorchid requires a special operation.

    Common Diseases of Farm Animals

  • In examining a supposed cryptorchid colt, he should be twitched.

    Common Diseases of Farm Animals

  • Beigel, in Virchow's Archives, mentions a cryptorchid of twenty-two who had nocturnal emissions containing spermatozoa and who indulged in sexual congress.

    Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine


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  • An animal with one or both testicles undescended.

    March 3, 2007

  • Or an orchid that chooses not to be seen.... ;-)

    March 3, 2007

  • An animal whose descended testicles become undescended by act of human.

    October 6, 2007