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  • adj. Informal Deliberately or affectedly cute; precious: a cutesy boutique for children's fashions.

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  • adj. Overly, affectedly or unnecessarily cute; too cute to be taken as serious.


Diminutive of cute. (Wiktionary)


  • My guess is that it started online (or close to it, like in cutesy IM language), similar to other grammatical borrowings (的说 being another prominent example).


  • And did you know, the word 'twee' in English, which means overly-cutesy, is the Dutch word for 'two'?

    It's all Dutch to me!

  • Alas, she tells it in cutesy, sophomoric prose, such as: “So Gram pinned her hopes on moi … Come awwwwwn … yadda, yadda.”

    2007 February 06 « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • And I find the 'turn' is not cute, but cutesy - in other words, trite.

    "Scorpions" by Chris Fox

  • I have, however, already forgotten what that slightly rubbery shrimp roll I ate in the picture above was called; but you can bet it was something cutesy, which is probably why I took it.

    Monster Munching

  • Whit goes on to say, "I've always been classified as the cutesy, girl next door type, so doing this shoot will give me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and show people an entirely different side of me."

    X17 Online

  • Her "cutesy" manner and country-bumpkin expressions are a reflection of her thought process and her inability to communicate as an educated adult.

    McCain campaign adviser pushes back on Palin book

  • Maybe it's based upon what will sell to a Western audience but it seems to me that even a serious story done with animation has to have somewhat of a "cutesy" look or have the appearance of the illustrations from a children's book.

    TRAILER: The Secret Of Kells

  • I tried other diary software but they either weren't portable, were too "cutesy" by half, were not at all customizable, or were too feature-thin for the price. kaetheb

    Five Best Journaling Tools | Lifehacker Australia

  • Granted, I still believe that some of the "cutesy" calibers are limited use.

    Petzal: .270 vs.


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