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  • n. Alternative spelling of cut scene.


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  • A cutscene is used to introduce the beast, taking away from some of the dramatic fear of first seeing it while in full control of Ms. Croft.

    Some of my favorite video game villains! « Skulls in the Stars

  • McGruff oh and the tank looked INCREDIBLY cgi. they should have saved that shot til it was finished. felt like a cutscene from a videogame. other than that, hot shit!

    Extended Watchmen Movie Trailer from Scream 2008 | /Film

  • They had no choice but to lay it all out in cutscene.

    Great Big Bites

  • This will result in a three minute cutscene, which is mildly erotic.

    This just in from girl_gamers

  • If non-interactivity is our concern, than the cutscene is the primary villain.


  • I found the opening cinematic to be surprisingly political, as most of the cutscene was a pointed dialogue between the King and one of his advisors.

    IGN PS3

  • Look at Gears of War 2, really nice looking game when you play, cutscenes (like the "war speech") look atrocious. it's most likely because the ingame geometry isn't rigged for facial animation. they have to render from the original models, which means prerendering them. it also allows for a quick cut to a cutscene, which is nice - you don't sit around waiting for it to load any extra assets needed for only the cutscene. of course that doesn't mean they should look awful - they're probably rendering them at a terrible low res or something. bit stupid, really. although i guess with DVDs it can get a bit cramped for space so it was probably one of the first things to get gimped. Feed

  • This saves time because I don't have to sit through the vine "cutscene". ...... - Articles related to Meralco eyes stake in power generation, sold Napocor plants

  • It's quite literally a crappy spyhunter clone you play on a single iPhone until you reach the 60 second mark at which time a canned "cutscene" plays and the other "half" plays on whatever 2nd iDevice is connected via bluetooth.


  • Keep an eye out for a rabbit in a red cloak, as he's always on-hand to unlock new features, such as cutscene viewers or a jukebox.

    Pocket Gamer | | Latest additions


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  • Non-playable interstitial scenes in video games, used to break up the gameplay or advance the plot.

    March 13, 2010