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  • noun uncountable Cyberwarfare.
  • noun countable A cyberwarfare war.

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  • noun an assault on electronic communication networks


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cyber- +‎ war


  • LulzSec claimed credit for breaking into websites at Sony Corp. and the U.S. Senate, while Anonymous said in April it would wage what it called a cyberwar against Tokyo-based Sony for trying to prevent people from tinkering with PlayStation 3 game consoles. -- Top News

  • In 2007, the Russian government punished Estonia for removing a Soviet war memorial by launching a "cyberwar" - a bombardment of hacking and viruses that brought their computers down for weeks.

    Johann Hari: Has The Internet Brought Us Together -- Or Pulled Us Apart?

  • And since "cyberwar" -- like the Terror War -- "knows no borders" (as the usual anonymous "senior intelligence official" told the Times), the Obama White House is now busying trying to figure out just how you can aim its cyberwar offensives at the Homeland itself.

    Convergence and Continuity: The American-Backed Terror Campaign in Iran

  • Techies and non-techies have been debating about "cyberwar" - is there such a thing?

    SecurityFocus News

  • "It's truly what media would call a cyberwar," Pillay told reporters in Geneva.

    CBC | Top Stories News

  • "cyberwar" - a bombardment of hacking and viruses that brought their computers down for weeks.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • Sommer added: We don't help ourselves using 'cyberwar' to describe espionage or hacktivist blockading or defacing of websites, as recently seen in reaction to WikiLeaks.

    Hackers will not be deterred by UK cyber defences, report warns

  • And then, an old one that has new life, Ethan Zuckerman reflected upon DOS and other "cyberwar" tactics in the context of Israel, writing back then that "forming groups to shut down websites looks a lot like gang thuggery to me."

    Iran Roundup: Facts and Framing

  • When Estonian officials moved the memorial from downtown Tallinn to a suburban cemetery, ignoring Russian objections, ethnic Russians sparked riots here and a siege of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow and, Estonian officials allege, Russian hackers carried out a state-sanctioned "cyberwar" against the country's online infrastructure.

    Estonia Feels the Pinch of Moscow's Pique

  • These days, some observers are pounding out a persistent and mounting drumbeat of war, calling for preparing the battlefield, even saying that the United States is already fully into a "cyberwar," that it is, in fact, losing.

    Wired Top Stories


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