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  • n. Plural form of cymbal.


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  • The most dangerous part about playing cymbals is near the nose.

    A Child’s View of Music « You Got to be Kidding's Blog

  • Sneakily (and I don't know if Seth has picked up on this) I eliminated all cymbals from the majority of the piece; there's some treated cymbals in the bridge, where everything turns right on its head, but there's no cymbals in the rest -- no hi-hats, no tambourines, nothing.

    One day we'll get that memorial case in the Batcave, yes we will

  • The cuddly, dot-eyed toddler who experiments with a trumpet and cymbals is targeted at the under 4-year-old crowd, with hip moms in Madrid using “Pocoyo” as a baby pacifier.

    Pocoyo »

  • "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long" kicks off with some rhythm on the cymbals, which is then joined by low-key guitar licks.

    ASU News | The State Press | Arizona State University

  • Musicologists have assigned them to various categories: wind instruments, stringed instruments, instruments that are self-striking (such as cymbals), and percussion instruments.

    Women with Hand-Drums, Dancing: Bible.

  • Percussion instruments are used to accentuate and dramatize certain notes or rhythms and include instruments such as cymbals, drums, triangles, and xylophones.


  • These were called "cymbals," and when any one pressed on the Clown's chest he moved his arms and banged his cymbals together with a clanging sound.

    The Story of a Bold Tin Soldier

  • The Lydian flute, as may be supposed, was the instrument which accompanied the dithyramb, associated with all kinds of harsh, clashing instruments, such as cymbals, tambourines, castanets.

    Critical and Historical Essays Lectures delivered at Columbia University

  • Learn, then, that their national orchestras are composed of "zournas," which are shrill flutes; "salamouris," which are squeaky clarinets; mandolines, with copper strings, twanged with a feather; "tchianouris," violins, which are played upright; "dimplipitos," a kind of cymbals which rattle like hail on a window pane.

    The Adventures of a Special Correspondent

  • This allows subtle or savage pitch corrections, and can be used creatively on unpitched material with high harmonic content, such as cymbals and high-hats.

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  • JM observed the drummer was fascinated by the cymbals and realised that he must have been a cryptographer in his day job.

    June 19, 2011