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  • Alternative form of dassn't.


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  • The Crack Emcee gets his rocks off crapping on whitey and no one dasn't say bubkas 'cause he's got that magic teflon coating.

    What would someone have to say on "Meet the Press" to prompt a follow-up question from David Gregory?

  • The insurgent-terrorists would peek inside and next there would be more news stories where they say they dasn't show us the pictures.

    Nicholas von Hoffman: Taxi! Taxi!

  • I would've been happier if he'd spelled the main character's name right he misspells it "Bracco" instead of "Bacco", but I dasn't twit the four-star review too much.....

    Dublin fun

  • You ache just to crane your tight neck two inches to the left . . . but you dasn't.

    stepford soldiers

  • BLIND BEGGAR -- "I dasn't look up to see -- here comes one o 'my best customers!"

    More Toasts

  • 'If you dasn't come to the house, what dast you do?'

    The Belted Seas

  • "Likely they dasn't back her into the tunnel," he said.

    The Rim of the Desert

  • Yo 'see, Miss, my pa wus sot on me not marryin' no Watts -- not that I aimed to, 'til he says I dasn't.

    The Gold Girl

  • Yo're six to our eight, you ain't got a drink in that shack, an 'you dasn't try to get one.

    Bar-20 Days

  • "I dasn't take anything without paying for it," returned Lydia, her eyes still on the ducks.

    Lydia of the Pines


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  • Help me, brtom, is HF Huck Finn? That would sound right. My source of the word is my mother.

    June 14, 2007

  • June 14, 2007

  • I dasn't do it. HF 26

    December 7, 2006