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  • n. A competitive mode found in first-person shooter games in which competitors attempt to assassinate one another.
  • v. To compete against in a deathmatch.
  • v. To take part in deathmatch gaming.


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death +‎ match


  • It's not clear, however, if Fox is aware of the distinction between a narrative-led single-player campaign and a "deathmatch" - style multiplayer mode in which players are able to take on both enemy and allied roles in essentially context-free shootouts.

    Liam Fox calls for Medal of Honor ban

  • Anytime I want to shoot, I have to take the same stop, plant, shoot method that plays out in the single player, which totally goes against the main principals of deathmatch, which is keep moving.

    Aeropause Games

  • Employing the new Facebook feature Place, which lets you see where your friends are, it speaks of a future in which shopping becomes a multiplayer "deathmatch" against rival players.

    3D games enter a new generation

  • All TypePad interviews from here on out will contain a "deathmatch" question ...

    Typepad Virtual Book Tour: Dear Catastrophe Waitress

  • Halo 3 Turns French Cathedral Into Electronic Battleground  :  Virtual Worlds   Halo 3 Turns French Cathedral Into Electronic Battleground By Clive Thompson 09.26.07 Screenshot: Courtesy of Bungie View Slideshow One of Halo 3 's multiplayer "deathmatch" arenas, called Epitaph, is a huge, corroded building with vaulted ceilings and gorgeous, luminescent-blue data panels.

    Halo 3 Turns French Cathedral Into Electronic Battleground

  • There's a WWE "deathmatch" for you, kudzu versus loosestrife.

    Tuesday roadkill report

  • Google's Android mobile operating system that High Tech Computer (HTC) plans to start selling in March isn't officially billed as an update to Nexus One, but its design is similar and it offers improvements over the Google phone. mobile "deathmatch" calculator.

    Infoworld News

  • After completing the game a "deathmatch" mode is unlocked that allows you to replay these fights; they will come at you on the also-unlocked "bitter" difficulty, so be prepared for some epic encounters.

    Snackbar Games

  • On top of your standard multiplayer modes -- such as deathmatch,


  • A recent Sega Europe Blog post has confirmed your suspicions -- Aliens vs. Predator will feature seven unique competitive game types, ranging from various "deathmatch" modes, to the ...

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now


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