deconstructive love


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  • adjective Tending to deconstruct; of or relating to deconstruction.


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de- +‎ constructive


  • Well .. its great to deconstruct thanksgiving, but how deconstructive is satire when it still is based on stereotypes of casinos and the like? mood: apathetic

    music and thoughts.

  • We are so used to thinking metaphysically, whether in deconstructive or in humanistic subgroups — especially those of us who work on lyric — that it is hard to imagine any other way of approaching seeing and reading.

    Seeing Is Reading

  • Capital has known little impact in deconstructive circles, but it is of interest that in at least one case a putative de Man "disciple," Thomas Pepper, has testified to the force of this section of Guillory's text, confessing that "it is astonishing for me to see many of the insights it took me years to glean from closer readings of de Man's text presented by Guillory in the thick description of an institutional context."

    Professing Literature: John Guillory's Misreading of Paul de Man

  • They're all pretty respectful of the basic superhero premise--none are "deconstructive" or go for camp.

    Archive 2010-04-11

  • They're all pretty respectful of the basic superhero premise--none are "deconstructive" or go for camp.

    LIKE A MASK REMOVED ed. by Bethany Zaiatz (Circlet 2010)

  • In case you've never heard of it, it's one of the most notorious "deconstructive" superhero comics out there, currently ongoing, about a serum-enhanced CIA team tasked with making sure the costumed crowd especially the good guys don't lose perspective on their place in the order of things.

    Archive 2009-04-19

  • On the other hand, you juxtapose that with a much darker and more critical view of superheroes--basically by offering up a fairly standard "deconstructive" depiction of Batman as a borderline-fascist he actually uses the phrase "final solution", borderline-sociopathic vigilante who finally staggers over those borderlines.

    Archive 2009-04-12

  • I came to The Boys as a very hostile audience (being no particular fan of "deconstructive" superhero comics), and to Hack/Slash as a skeptical one (being no particular fan of slasher movies), but they were on my radar insistently enough that I felt I ought to give them a look.

    Archive 2009-05-03

  • I like not knowing much about classical music because it means I'm not left in the kind of deconstructive mess I usually find myself with films.

    Feeling Listless - "Taking the credit for your second symphony."

  • I did look at the last few pages of the final issue, though...and if I'm reading things correctly, you could probably do some kind of deconstructive analysis of the story, with Thor representing Marvel Comics' desire to maintain the status quo, and Loki as DC, wishing to struggle against the status quo but ultimately falling before it.

    Archive 2004-10-03


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