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  • v. To remove from one's list of friends (e.g. on a social networking website).


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de- + friend


  • With that on my mind, I begin to think of the entire "defriend" - "defriended" - "defriending" concept, It struck me that although the words are new and vastly unappealing, they point to an aspect of the marvelous but often prickly institution of friendship.

    David Finkle: To "Friend" or "Defriend"? That is the Question

  • What I will deny is that "defriend," "defriended" and "defriending" are words I want to use -- on or off Facebook -- even if they apply to an irrefutable, though unfortunate, human condition.

    David Finkle: To "Friend" or "Defriend"? That is the Question

  • "Social media", a new addition, arrives along with offspring "defriend" (removing someone from your list of friends or contacts), "microblogging" (posting very short blog entries) and

    J-Source - Articles

  • And I wouldn't hold a grudge against No. 144, if she had suddenly decided to "defriend" me after all these weeks.

    Times Record News Stories

  • When her curiosity was satisfied, she would "defriend" the object of her curiosity. Top Stories

  • As you can see, they have been arming up and daring the party to "defriend" them. latest blog entries

  • The English language will celebrate its one millionth word next month, with "defriend", "noob" and "chiconomics" among the candidates, linguistic experts have predicted.

  • In my experience, "defriend" not "unfriend" is standard usage for facebook users. jellis58 says: and I just asked my roommate and her friend what they would say if they wanted to remove a facebook friend and they both instantly said defriend.

    British Blogs

  • I should, at the very least, have been given warning of this impending change and been allowed time to "defriend" people.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Web 2.0

  • For instance, when is it OK to "defriend" someone from Facebook?



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