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  • n. One of the townships of ancient Attica.
  • n. Ecology A local, usually stable population of interbreeding organisms of the same kind or species.

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  • n. A township or other subdivision of ancient Attica.
  • n. A distinct local population of plants or animals.

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  • n. A territorial subdivision of Attica (also of modern Greece), corresponding to a township.
  • n. An undifferentiated aggregate of cells or plastids.

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  • An obsolete (Middle English) form of deem.
  • n. A subdivision of ancient Attica and of modern Greece; a township.
  • n. In zoology:
  • n. The tertiary or higher individual resulting from the aggregate integration of merides (see meris); a zoöid.
  • n. Any undifferentiated aggregate of plastids or monads. See extract.


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Greek dēmos, people, land; see dā- in Indo-European roots.

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From Ancient Greek δῆμος (demos, "district").


  • To force this possibility, in the event that the officer had suggested to you a payment on site, you would say something like: Por favor, deme el papelito para que se puede pagarlo en la oficina.

    Most useful words and phrases

  • In official acts the name of the deme was added, eg.


  • The intuitive idea behind a trait group is that there can be evolutionarily relevant structure within demes, such that organisms that belong to one part of the deme may well be subject to causal influences that do not extend to the deme as a whole.

    The Biological Notion of Individual

  • There is Crito, who is of the same age and of the same deme with myself, and there is

    The Apology

  • He is the eldest son of Democrates, of the deme of Aexone.

    Lysis; or Friendship

  • Lysis; this ancestor was himself begotten of Zeus by the daughter of the founder of the deme.

    Lysis; or Friendship

  • He is of the same deme with you, and is always passing his time in places where the youth have any noble study or pursuit, such as you are enquiring after.

    Laches, or Courage

  • No indeed, I replied, but the same person who told Phoenix; - he was a little fellow, who never wore any shoes Aristodemus, of the deme of Cydathenaeum.

    thispain Diary Entry

  • After Theramenes 'execution, many citizens left the walled city: some regrouped in the distant and mountainous deme of Phyle, planning to topple the Thirty (among them was Socrates' childhood friend, Chaerephon); others went only as far as the Piraeus where “the Ten” (including Charmides) chosen by the Thirty were less effective at suppression than the Thirty themselves.


  • The Thirty, now increasingly referred to as an oligarchy, were also making contingency plans: they sent forces to secure the deme of Eleusis for themselves by putting to death the population on charges of supporting democracy



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  • (ecology) A distinct local population of plants or animals.

    September 3, 2008