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  • n. The removal of one or more methyl groups from a molecule.


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From demethylate +‎ -ion.


  • Enzymes can remove the methyl molecule through a process called demethylation, reopening access to that particular part of the gene.

    The Chemistry of Calm

  • Decreased demethylation of tertiary amine tricyclics and benzodiazepines with active desmethyl metabolites

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  • Maybe the demethylation is due to cumulative damage to the DNA itself, maybe the methylase enzyme becomes less active in the course of time, maybe something else.

    The Boat of a Million Years

  • It is difficult to accept reports of coffee accomplishing both a decrease in metabolism and an increase in body heat; but if the production of heat by the demethylation of caffein to form uric acid and a possible repression of perspiration by coffee be considered, the simultaneous occurrence of these two physiological reactions may be credited.

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  • The elimination of caffein has also been studied by Salant and Reiger [272], who found that larger amounts of caffein are demethylated in carnivora than in herbivora, and resistance to caffein is inversely as demethylation, caffein being much more toxic in the former class.

    All About Coffee

  • "These bases represent an intermediate state in the demethylation process," he explained.

  • Self-poisoning of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by targeting GlgE in an α-glucan pathway Chemically ubiquitylated PCNA as a probe for eukaryotic translesion DNA synthesis Dioxygenases catalyze the O-demethylation steps of morphine biosynthesis in opium poppy A combined method for producing homogeneous glycoproteins with eukaryotic N-glycosylation Self-poisoning of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by targeting GlgE in an α-glucan pathway

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  • Yet, the mechanisms that control this dual specificity of demethylation are unknown.

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  • I abrogates H3T6 phosphorylation, enhances demethylation at H3K4, and inhibits AR-dependent transcription.

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  • "Although this study was largely basic science research, I can hypothesize that when XLMR can be detected early in fetal development through genetic screening, then possibly a treatment could be created that would target the mutated PHF8 gene or introduce a new way to allow for proper histone demethylation in the absence of nonfunctional PHF8, and this would possibly correct the defect and allow proper development to continue," he explains. - latest science and technology news stories


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