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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of demystify.


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  • Their inclusion in Jakarta's political process seemed to have "demystified" their allure, she says.

    In Indonesia, a Model for Egypt's Transition

  • Jersey City argued in federal district (that is, trial) court that the display complied with the Constitution (as interpreted in a number of Supreme Court decisions) because the sleigh and the Santa Claus and the Frosty the Snowman and the Kwanzaa ribbons that it added to the creche and the menorah "demystified" thtose two religious symbols -- that is, drained them of their religious meaning.

    Is That Legal?: Supreme Court Archives

  • I think the process should be "demystified" (there's no magic about succeeding or delusion about being suddenly discovered-one has to put in the effort and be willing to persist-as basic as it is, one can't be in the running for anything without applying) - but I also think time plays a role too.

    Kelly Spitzer

  • But the first rule of demystifying is one must herself be demystified before attempting to demystify.

    ProWomanProLife » Woah, Nellie

  • In a real sense, Obama has been demythologized and demystified, and we hate it when we can see the wizard's feet behind the curtain.

    Christopher Cocca: Updating The Hero Myth Of Barack Obama

  • She has demystified the process and terms associated with anesthesia and arranged the information in an easy to understand topic-by-topic sourcebook.

    Surgery Concerns for Children « Happy Healthy Hip Parenting

  • Each bird species will be demystified approximately 48 hours after publication.

    Today's mystery bird for you to identify

  • Mr. Theise can tend toward the polemical—he abhors, for example, wine writers who opine that there are no "rules" about wine and that it should be "demystified" for the pleasure of novices.

    What to Read With a Good Beaujolais

  • And I think the fact that they kind of brought people into their world and they sort of demystified the whole process of being smart, that it really made it more accessible to a lot of students.

    Inner-City Teens Live On A Legacy Of Hope

  • This way of thinking, a common consequence of surviving anything traumatic as a child, can grow to rule adolescent and adult thought patterns if not exposed and demystified.

    Jennifer Lauck: Adoption Myth Buster: What it Takes to Wake


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