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  • n. Plural form of derailment.


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  • The fact that the film survives these late derailments is a testimony to how good the rest of it really is.

    2008 July « the balcony fool

  • He noted that for several years he'd had to eat "sarnies" caked in coal dust, while totally alone each day at the middle bend of a pitch-black colliery tunnel his job had been to watch for derailments at the bend.

    A charity dinner with Jimmy Savile

  • Now, maybe modern technology and materials have made train travel through that area safer, but there have been problems with derailments in that area in the past, most notably in 1989.

    Matthew Yglesias » High-Speed Rail in the Stimulus

  • In the early 1980's, riders were plagued by derailments, track fires, crime, breakdowns, slow and unreliable service, boarding vehicles with non-working doors, inadequate lighting and graffiti.

    Gene Russianoff: 25th Anniversary of Westway

  • Lately Metro has taken a lot of heat because of persistent subway system deficiencies: lack of air conditioning in rail cars; escalator and elevator outages; and operator or equipment failures resulting in derailments and collisions -- along with injuries and fatalities.

    Shaping the City: Let there be light (carefully) in Metro stations

  • The speed restrictions are in place following two early morning derailments, both of which involved a piece of track equipment and resulted in no injuries.

    Metro delays finally lifted

  • Trains on the Blue and Yellow lines between National Airport and Crystal City stations are moving more slowly than usual following two derailments of a piece of track equipment.

    Speed restrictions on 3 Metro lines

  • In response to earlier NTSB recommendations, Metro has begun installing rollback protection on its rail cars and guarded switches, which help keep the wheels on the track when the train switches from one track to another to decrease the risk of derailments, and has beefed up its safety office and oversight.

    National Transportation Safety Board report on Metro crash may reach nationwide

  • Character creation, world-building, and plot derailments all show up in this comic.

    Lost in Space

  • The Truth - Although larger objects (such as bricks) have caused derailments, there is no record of a penny ever having done so.

    Science and the Urban Legend - Part II


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