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  • n. A region lying beyond the suburbs of a city, especially one inhabited principally by wealthy people.

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  • n. A residential area beyond the suburbs


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

ex- + (sub)urb.


  • Think about the rise of the "exurb" and gated communities.

    Public Affairs

  • By defining the "exurb" as a discrete cultural unit, and by telling the people whose finances and psychologies put them there that their hopes and fears match the Republican Party's agenda, you're practicing lifestyle-as-politics -- especially when you create a coalition combining exurban with rural folks by pitting them against decadent urban elites.

    Archive 2005-04-10

  • It made me feel like I was growing up in much less of a rural exurb.

    Artists Only :

  • If you work in an office park and live in an exurb, fine.

    Matthew Yglesias » Another Reason for Congestion Pricing

  • One Michigan resident to move out was John Bessette, 44, who grew up in suburban Detroit and moved to an exurb of Pittsburgh in August 2010 after commuting there for almost two years.

    Motor City population declines 25%

  • —This Miami exurb flourished in the housing boom but has fallen hard during the bust, with one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation for the past two years.

    Rising Gas Prices Hit Home

  • Approach in Region Egyptian Protests Inspire Opposition in Iran Beijing Blocks Protest Reports Tunisian Islamic Party Leader Returns Home Protesters Seek Ouster of Sudan Leader In Cairo's sandy exurb of Sixth of October City, the law-enforcement void has pushed knife- and club-wielding youths — in many cases, the same ones who burned police stations and attacked officers the day before — onto the streets to do amateur police work.

    Civilians Take Over Police Duties

  • That crowd lives in North Virginia's booming exurb counties of Prince William and Loudoun, and presidential races hinge on their votes.

    Obama's Virginia Defeat

  • In my (rural) exurb If I hear gunshots I scarcely pay attention other than to speculate as to caliber, as long as I am reasonably certain I ain't downrange.


  • The should've set it in an abandoned Mojave Desert exurb: Prisoner Remake On the Way


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  • apparently it's like a suburb of the suburbs, where really affluent people live.

    November 13, 2008

  • I had never heard this term used before the current U.S. presidential election cycle.

    November 2, 2008