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  • n. The top of a desk.
  • n. Computer Science The background image of a display screen, on which windows, icons, and other graphical items appear.
  • adj. Designed for use on a desk or table: a desktop telephone; a desktop computer.

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  • n. The top surface of a desk.
  • n. A desktop computer.
  • n. The main graphical user interface of an operating system, usually displaying icons, windows and background wallpaper.
  • adj. Designed for use on a desk or similar piece of furniture.
  • adj. Of an application, converted to be carried out on a personal computer.

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  • n. (computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear
  • n. the top of a desk


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

desk +‎ top.


  • Because all users can save their own desktop settings program will create SAV file in this format: (in Application folder) [machinename] _desktop_ [username]. sav

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  • My main desktop is a well resourced MS-Windows XP-Pro system.

    Google Kool-Aid....Ah, refreshing.

  • The decision by HP to not use the term desktop-as-a-service, said Sloan, probably means potential customers "can look more broadly at the principle with is to abstract your desktop experience from one piece of hardware."

  • True / False The term desktop wallpaper refers the BMP file displayed as your background Answer: True 3.

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  • Good to know about those HP laptops, but a desktop is the destination.

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  • Reasons for that would be that first we have more than enough on the taskbar on Windows 7 to add widgets, and second that the desktop is almost usually 100% of the time covered by either a web browser or other programs, but most people still have their taskbar visible, so its almost perfect.

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  • The prevalence of the likes of Enigma and the favour that seems to be shown towards people who have huge amounts of system stats on their desktop is a little disappointing IMO - it would be nice to see some real variety on here.

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  • I pile work, mail, books, and other detritus on the shelves, but the desktop is my clear zone.

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  • And I like knowing exactly where the desktop is at all times, and knowing it won't be lost or stolen out in the real world.

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  • Personally I think this desktop is a great idea, at work I use MANY different internal websites that I need access to quickly.

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