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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of despair.


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  • Bad things were hopelessly bad with Cherry, her despairs were the dark and tearful despairs of girlhood, prematurely transferred to graver matters.


  • MS sufferer despairs at plans to cut disability living allowance - video

    Elderly NHS patients' harrowing plight is revealed in report

  • Later, after Siddhartha immerses himself in the pleasures of the flesh -- women, fine food, good clothing, gambling, money-making -- and then despairs and tires of that lifestyle, he comes to see again that he must listen to an inner voice to lead him out of despair.

    Claudia Ricci: Students Meet Sid -- Siddhartha, That Is!

  • As a former Senate investigator despairs in one of Taibbi's reports, "Everything's f-ed up, and nobody goes to jail."

    Suzanne O'Keeffe: American Autumn in Los Angeles -- OccupyWallSt Joins Main Street

  • Now they stood empty, intractable brownfield sites, caught in an unending recession, surrounded by CCTV and "private land" and "keep out" notices, sad monuments to the pioneering hopes and the sullen despairs of the past and to the institutional and financial paralysis of the present.

    Margaret Drabble | Trespassing

  • Mr. Cheplowitz says he despairs whenever he flies down to check on the properties.

    Are You Ready to Be a Landlord?

  • According to critic Ian Hamilton ‘To hear them chuckling over her cute spiritual despairs was a fine bonus for her old age, and she took particular pleasure in upstaging the beatniks at the avant-garde poetry rallies she for some reason kept getting invited to throughout the 1960s.’

    2010 January « Tales from the Reading Room

  • Slave to a crushing mortgage, Professor X clings to the job even as he despairs of his students' ignorance and illiteracy.

    A Little Learning

  • Is she a Marxist who despairs that our economy leaves no other transaction between man and doctor than naked self interest and callous cash payment?

    A chicken for every doc

  • Joan, we are told "despairs at what Britain has become".

    Hugh Muir's diary


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