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  • verb Present participle of dicker.
  • noun bargaining
  • noun bartering


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  • The RKBA is a right of the people, and not a right that can be traded away in dickering between the states and the feds.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Second Amendment and People with Medical Marijuana User Cards

  • Evidently they were well pleased, and on returning to the house it was also evident that they were going to adopt the usual tactics of whittling a small piece of wood (a seemingly necessary accompaniment to a trade) and "dickering"; so I again told them my terms, same as before, and hinted that they might take or leave them as they liked.

    Ranching, Sport and Travel

  • The corn was reckoned at nine dollars, the four sheep at only six dollars, and it had been difficult "dickering" the fifteen pounds of wool and the two bushels of barley as worth three dollars more.

    Good Cheer Stories Every Child Should Know

  • On getting to Centreville he at once proceeded with his "dickering," being ready to either mend a clock or trade a watch.

    The Expressman and the Detective

  • But we should be doing injustice to le Bourdon, were we in any manner to confound him with the "dickering" race.

    Oak Openings

  • "dickering" (for he had heard that Western steamboats were not particularly uniform in their charges), he engaged a passage, applying to the bargain the trite principle that "no berth is secured till paid for," which had been reduced to writing, and occupied a conspicuous place in the cabin.

    Hatchie, the Guardian Slave; or, The Heiress of Bellevue

  • One can wonder how much stability would be brought by brining new PRI politicians back into seats of power for dickering with narco families behind closed doors.

    Concern for MX Govt

  • He was dickering even then to sell over a thousand of his suburban acres.

    Chapter XX

  • It's not for a basketball league that spent five months dickering around in a labor dispute—and wants to waddle in through the front door like a sketchy ex-husband and plant itself under the mistletoe.

    Can the NBA Steal Christmas?

  • The league-owned NFL Network, despite its bloodlines, has struggled to sell cable operators on the idea that it's must-see TV, although a deal with Comcast that adds 8 million TV households came this week after years of dickering.

    Wanted: NFL Network analyst, experience with buzz preferred


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