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  • adjective US, colloquial, vulgar, pejorative Offensively unpleasant and vexatious.


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dick +‎ -ish


  • In the end, it pays off, as Falco is able to, time and time again, save Fox from a bandit on his tail while saying something totally dickish, which is exactly what you need from a number two. - UnderGroundOnline

  • Again, I'm not a Yau groupie; I barely know of him, but if anybody's "dickish" here, it's JS.

    Yau, Saltz, and Art Criticism

  • John Stewart would call this one of Obama's "dickish" moments.

    McCain: Americans Should Be Afraid -- Very Afraid -- Of President Obama

  • Oh, but at least what you consider Obama's most "dickish" moment came while she was right next to him.

    Bill Clinton: Hillary-Obama Ticket Would Be "Almost Unstoppable Force"

  • BTW, in rereading my reply to CDC, I sound kind of dickish and mean.

    My CREATE South Recap

  • Axelrod focused on the strength of her personal relationship and advice to Obama over her job-related qualities - and pointedly doesn't invite her to his Wednesday "hard core politics" meetings at his house, which just sounds kind of dickish, if you ask me.


  • I hesitate to use the word "dickish" to describe how their lawyer is responding (and will probably have to go back and redact this later) but, seriously, it fits.


  • Excuse my French, but this in my book is quite "dickish". not allow the team to broadcast Sunday's game in Philadelphia, shown nationally on NBC, on it's outdoor big screen.

    Kuklas Korner

  • The reason I’m not is because it would be kind of dickish to turn that page into a big fat ad — people clicked in to see bacon-wrapped cats, not book ads.

    Farked « Whatever

  • Given the nightmare of Prohibition, calling the legalization of alcohol “bad policy” seems truely dickish.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Virtue of Quasi-Legal Status for Marijuana


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  • "I shall not countenance such dickish behavior," the marquess sniffed.

    See also dickishness.

    March 11, 2008