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  • n. The act of behaving like a dilettante, of being an amateur or "dabbler", sometimes in the arts. Also the act of enjoying the arts, being a connoisseur.

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  • n. Same as dilettanteism.

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  • n. The quality characteristic of a dilettante; specifically, in a disparaging sense, desultory or affected pursit of art, science, or literature.


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From dilettante +‎ -ism.


  • The canceling out of interest in morality has led to a kind of dilettantism of attitude that he shares with Robert Bly, in their preoccupation with the results of fantasy, dreaming, laziness, etc.

    Sunrise... midday beach-scape... moonrise hammock-scape.

  • But the dilettantism that he is slurrinig is, to my mind, exactly the same kind of dilettantism you might accuse Richard Stallman of: that of the user insisting of having a measure of control (or the ability to influence) the technologies they have to use: in the case of Stallman, this gets conducted in the arena of home-made software and open-source, in the case of standard technologies, it has to be conducted in the arena of standards bodies and open standards.

    Planet XML

  • You may distrust, if you wish, this development as the expression of an avid dilettantism.

    What is unique to Catholic music?

  • Because Trump is a celebrity, the media basically forgive his never-to-evolve political dilettantism.

    Donald Trump Brings His 'Pretend To Run For President' Act To CPAC

  • The ABC's abstinence, be faithful and condoms of HIV prevention provided more than enough fuel for arguments for and against the program--arguments that smacked more of political dilettantism than critical thinking.

    Georgianne Nienaber: Will PEPFAR HIV Funding Be Flatlined by Budget Battles?

  • Has this rather eclectic progress through working life been the product of necessity, choice, dilettantism or confusion?

    Jim Powell: Multiple Choices

  • From the boogie woogie of "Crabbuckit" to his frenetic rework of a classic club jam on "Superstarr Pt. Zero," K-OS fluidly incorporates a variety of influences in a way that might have come across as dilettantism in less-capable hands.

    Nightlife Agenda: Paul Oakenfold, Michael Mayer and outdoor parties

  • I got back into photography a few years ago, taking more detailed, patterned pictures on a digital cameraphone, but it was a mild dilettantism in comparison.

    Making Light: Open thread 135

  • This section, which alternates rather oddly between witty recommendations of hedonism and dilettantism and some stern warnings against these things, contains the following almost bootstrap-oriented counsel:

    Arrested Development

  • Until this stage was reached, politics would remain bloody dilettantism, mere superstition and black magic ...



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