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  • The fact that you decided to react by getting all nasty proves that you don't have the vocab to express yourself or the emotional intelligence to know when you've made YOURSELF look like a 'dillhole'.

    Cool Stuff: Albert Exergian’s Minimalistic Posters for Television Shows | /Film

  • I just love how some little insecure fanboy dillhole feels the need to go and ding every single comment that could be construed as negative toward Salvation with a thumbs-down.

    Terminator Salvation - What Did You Think? | /Film

  • This is his favorite thing to say about someone he wishes to harm or alienate in some way, because he's a homophobic dillhole.

    wilberteets Diary Entry

  • He said he was sitting on the front porch of his house last night when he saw this arrogant jackass of a guy who lives across the street and spends a lot of time yelling obscenities at passing cars and being a general dillhole.

    wilberteets Diary Entry

  • And they finally did, but not without a certain amount of snickering at the word "dillhole."

    idiot-milk Diary Entry

  • » Report abuse Saturday Apr 25, 2009 4: 20 PM Best player available you dillhole!!

  • Every dillhole with a keyboard thinks he can write gossip now and people like 'man who's name sounds like a sneeze' want more.

    Sports News :

  • Dude I just typed in reconmarine. grow up dillhole your not the real recon


  • Ok I know that “know question is to dum” and all that but feel free to call me a dillhole when I ask the following; how in the flying fuck do you change yer avatar picture?

    Regretsy – No Comparison

  • Hopefully after the Race is over she will dump his sorry self and find someone who isn’t a complete and total dillhole.

    The Amazing Race « Michael in Nashville


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  • I use this word far, far too often. Mostly when driving. Occasionally I wonder exactly what it's supposed to mean, but then I decide I don't care.

    October 24, 2007

  • For those occasions when you need an epithet that's forceful, without crossing the vulgarity threshold.

    October 24, 2007