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  • adj. Very displeased or unsatisfied.


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dis- +‎ chuffed


  • Today's pop quiz is in honor of an actress for whom I once had precious little respect and whose casting over any number of other performers got me feeling dischuffed to the point of, if not beyond, churlishness until one day I found myself inexplicably fond of her and ashamed of my earlier thuggish disrespect.

    Who Goes There - Pop Quiz

  • And Cheryl Morgan was, to say the least, righteously dischuffed by the slur on other reviewers, by the implicit assumption that "the reviewer was bribed to tell me such lies" is so sensible a reaction that one can jump right past the question of whether to the question of how.

    Hype Hype Hoorah!

  • E'en shall I be dischuffed to't knickers, ee by gum.


  • Both the drivers I saw caught were in Czech cars and they looked pretty dischuffed.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • She was becoming increasingly dischuffed with Spammy's evasive or just plain bewildering behaviour, acutely so that evening.

    Country of the Blind

  • He is dischuffed to find the felines are actually fakes and belong to Baroness Spatz.

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  • Still feeling slightly dischuffed I took him up on it and was persuaded that Mr Chris 'was a god Idea (despite having been there only last thursday). TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • One Frog does not balance out three million dischuffed Mail readers.

    EU Referendum

  • One fellow was dischuffed at only finding a bar catering for ladies who like ladies, another was irked at only finding somewhere good five minutes shy of closing time and further moans noted the woeful lack of sleaze venues.

    The Croydonian

  • And while they're dithering, Swan is hoping all those dischuffed voters who were pondering whether it might be time for a change will come flooding back, because only the Tories are going to Get Tough on Porn. "

    Boiling a Frog


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  • "Adj. Displeased. Cf. 'chuffed'."


    September 18, 2008