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  • adj. Having no material body
  • adj. Not being a member of a corporate body

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Deprived of the privileges or form of a body corporate.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Divested of the body; disembodied.
  • Deprived of corporate privileges.
  • To deprive of corporate privileges.

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  • adj. not having a material body


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dis- +‎ corporate


  • Downloading pirated e-books is okay for so many, because it's not only anonymous, it's convenient, it's discorporate, and it's a spit in the eye of the "gatekeepers."

    Piracy, Publishing, & the Plebeian (That's Me!)

  • Contact with the Node causes the demons to discorporate on a cellular level.

    Hellgate London Covenant

  • Kittens can levitate, ricochet, teleport and discorporate and take up most of a double bed.

    When PZ Turns Fifty . . . - The Panda's Thumb

  • He always sensed a slight light-headedness at the peak of transportations, although he assumed it owed more to his imagination than to his physical discorporate state.

    No Limits

  • I surveyed the lot of them, adopting a gaze and attitude so imperious that one would have thought I could have caused them to discorporate with a single harsh word.

    Sir Apropos of Nothing

  • These things happen when one is discorporate; the memories are there, but they become vague with time.

    In Celebration Of Lammas Night

  • The supposedly discorporate writer assured her former friends that all was well.

    Constance Cumby "Cleansed" in "Harmonic Convergence": Speaks through "Trance Channel" (Parody)

  • As a trance medium he is unparalleled, able to ‘Spout’ at will the messages beamed into his head from vast numbers of discorporate spirits, demons, dear departed, crazed saints, mystics and conquerors of ancient history including Cerinthus the Mad Gnostic, actual author of the Book of Revelation!

    The Book of the SubGenius

  • It must then make a second Will save or discorporate immediately.

    RIA Journal

  • Flournoy understood such spirit voices to be beneficent, and though Burroughs 'discarnate voices are far from that, it as if their cryptic utterances promise the uncovering of the repressed, the writer cast as the medium at a séance, the channeler of discorporate voices and decoder of mysterious messages emerging from the ether.

    Comments for RealityStudio


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