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  • verb Present participle of disdain.


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  • Then thou further sayest (with a kind of disdaining spirit) "Many things more thou passest by in my book, as being not pertinent to the thing in hand."

    Works of John Bunyan — Volume 02

  • The long Sixties also saw unprecedented religious experimentation outside traditional denominational channels.13 Some boomers, interested in what they called the “spiritual,” but disdaining conventional religion, were soon dubbed “seekers,” looking for new spiritual homes.

    American Grace

  • Many new Tory MPs are remarkably confident in disdaining the traditional route of leadership loyalty.

    Kwasi Kwarteng: The rising star of politics and letters | profile

  • Now, readers are "ordaining" -- or disdaining -- their own variations from Scientology Barbie to Ann Coulter Barbie.

    Religion News: Religious News and Headlines

  • On top of that, he on several occasions convincingly demonstrates his total awesomeness by disdaining the planet's poisonous atmosphere, firing cool-looking guns, drinking coffee during a mission, piloting a mech, and dodging various literal and figurative bullets.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • And Simon Nishikanta, in his grouch, disdaining to reply, would continue to pepper the last whale into flight beyond the circle of the sea their vision commanded.


  • In addition to disdaining the ethics enforcement of the 111th, Republicans have been equally loud in their calls for further ethics reforms in the 112th, but time will tell whether this is rhetoric or reality.

    Lisa Gilbert: In The Public Interest : The Crystal Ball of Congressional Ethics Enforcement

  • Considering all the doping and match-fixing and racist abuse and whatnot, it's rather sweet that a top sportsperson disdaining their sport is still such a taboo.

    Serena Williams's love for shopping over playing is telling for tennis | Marina Hyde

  • One of the places in which Dawg lives is Chiapas State where the term "gringo" is considered a racial epithet so when you are looking around down there for Dawg to buy me some cerveza, please refrain from canvassing locals for the "fat gringo from Alabama often seen hanging out in the barrio plaza" or they might think you are disdaining me.

    S.O.S.E. Security - Chapala

  • He might remember Plato's allegory of the cave, whose ignorant denizens gazed at shadows while disdaining the daylight filtering in from outside.

    A Laboratory in the Sky


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