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  • v. Present participle of chain.
  • n. The act or process by which something is chained.


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  • Mary Ann Fugate, left, and Tracy Miller are officers with Speak Out and Rescue, whose aim is to educate people to prevent long-term chaining of dogs. Homepage

  • For that matter, I don't even recall chaining ourselves to the shanties -- seems like when the whole thing came to a head we sat inside, quite civilly disobedient, while the physical plant workers came to demolish them.

    nietzsche is dead

  • My mind plays agreeably with the idea of chaining the M.G.O. on to a rock on the Peninsula whilst the Asiatic batteries are pounding it.

    Gallipoli Diary, Volume I

  • Angry Reader has a point about "spill," and while I can see Joel's point about it being what people call it, I respectfully suggest that it's that logic which got us to the point where we called chaining people to walls, beating them, freezing them, blasting music and noise at them at decibel levels high enough to inflict pain, electrifying their genitals, humiliating them and then drowning them repeatedly "enhanced interrogation techniques."

    Redskins Insider Podcast -- The Washington Post

  • This is done by dropping pixels without serving ads, buying deeply discounted media just to serve a counting tag while an ad is rarely seen, and / or participating in daisy chaining, which is the practice of network A working with network B, who works with network C and so on, with each network getting credit for the unique user.

    iMedia Connection: All Feeds

  • Suzanne Roy, program director for In Defense of Animals, called chaining the elephant

    Breaking News - The Post Chronicle

  • Practices used in the slave trade, for example, such as chaining, whipping, branding and castration, were first used to control and dominate animals raised for food.

    Animal Liberation Is Human Liberation

  • Also with childhood obesity as at a critical level in Australia, is "chaining" the kids to the homework desk or computer for another hour or two after the school day has ended such a vital cog in their future?

    Homework and e-tutoring

  • Yesterday a bunch of scientist members of the National Academy of Sciences leaked to the media -- on condition of anonymity -- some findings in a not-yet-released report suggesting that a methods of matching fired bullets to weapons called "chaining" has been flawed.


  • "You can keep a single service as light as possible and if you need extended functionality and more sophisticated services you can use a 'chaining' facility to combine services into one large service that provides more functionality without the need to implement a complete new service," explains Michaelis. - latest science and technology news stories


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