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  • adj. shaped like a dish or pan


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  • The highway ran straight as a bullet's flight, broken by a dish-shaped crater nine miles to the west.

    I Don’t Understand ?

  • Lateness was less a discourtesy than a cause for worry: had dish-shaped craters begun to sprout in city roads?

    I Don’t Understand ?

  • Data from Spirit indicated that a brake on the motor that rotates the rover's dish-shaped high-gain antenna was not working correctly.

    MER Team Prepares to Extract Spirit | Universe Today

  • Satellite TV is much easier to use, given the proper dish-shaped antenna and decoding equipment.

    When Words Are The Best Weapon

  • Several huge, dish-shaped structures stood high on stilts at its apex, and cylinders the height of a person stood near the packet line junction.

    The Sky Inside

  • The landscape was gently concave; with the exception of tower and hill there were no points on which late rays might linger; and hence the dish-shaped ninety acres of tilled land assumed a uniform hue of shade quite suddenly.

    Two on a Tower

  • And in the heart of this Abubis indentation—in theexact center of the summit and thus the center of the entire pyramid—there was a small dish-shaped hole the size of a tennis ball.

    Seven Deadly Wonders

  • The hovering copter descended until the downdraft from the rotors whipped the surface like a giant electric egg beater and created a frothy dish-shaped depression.


  • Tim aimed his boat inland, toward where a dish-shaped crater lay on the beach.

    Destiny's Road

  • A gigantic, dish-shaped object lay in the street just ahead, and Eddie's overstrained mind, perhaps cued by the classical buildings on either side of them, produced an image of Jove and Thor playing Frisbee.

    The Waste Lands


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