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  • n. A distributor.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A distributer.

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  • n. One who advocates or promotes distribution; a believer in distribution.


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distribution +‎ -ist


  • Here is a woman that made the accusation that President Obama is the "Re-distributionist-in Chief", a socialist, while she takes, by law, profits from the big oil companies and gives them to the residents of the state of Alaska.

    Palin stars in new Rand Paul commercial

  • B The re-distributionist solution to Frank's observation is to transfer wealth from the US to Nepal -- nothing in that anecdote supports transferring wealth from a wealthy-by-global-standards US upper class to a wealthy-by-global-standards US middle class.

    Luck, Wealth, and Immigration, David Henderson | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • In the wake of the Soviet style "nationalization" - or "bail out" - of some of the esteemed American financial institutions, whom the current administration identified as the RNC political base or "the haves and the have-mores," it really takes a lot of audacity to call Obama an "income re-distributionist," a Robin-in-the-Hood who wants to rob Paul to pay Peter.

    Obamafutures: Or, the Beginning of the End of the Race

  • Essentially what we mean by the 1996 class project is a variant of right reformism that hopes to "deliver" the NDR through the stabilisation and growth of the capitalist economy as the necessary condition for a "re-distributionist", state-led delivery to the poor.

    Two steps forward, two steps back

  • That re-distributionist "Christmas" ad would make just as much sense if the Hillary actor was replaced with an actor playing Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.

    I want the government to give me more presents.

  • But, it would appear, that Sarkozy wants to use the state to push France into some sort of reform while Royal wants to use the state to promote more distributionist socialist policies.

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • The only justification for paying for these out of our taxes is a social distributionist one; that poorer people can't afford David Lloyd club membership fees, but should have the right to use the same exercise bicycles or tee-off for the same hole at the taxpayer's expense.

    British Blogs

  • Degan wants to pretend he is the champion of the middle and lower classes but as seen above Obama and his socialist cohorts have to target the very people Degan claims to support with confiscatory tax rates as well in order to pay for all his re-distributionist schemes.

    Right Wing News

  • When he proposes the same kind of wealth re-distributionist policies that had appalled me under the Bush administration,

    Think Progress

  • The myopic distributionist view tends to see the world in terms of a snapshot.

    Kruse Kronicle


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