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  • Let's try to prove that "dna" is design, or let's prove the opposite conclusion.

    The Memory Hole

  • The lack of messages in dna effectively falsifies a natural designer, and leaves IDism as a purely theological proposition.

    A Message About ID

  • If I gave the impression I thought the hypothesis was already falsified, what I actually meant was that imo, the lack of a message in dna would falsify the hypothesis that the eukaryotic cell was designed to evolve into diverse multicellular organisms over the course of billions of years, if in fact it turned out there was no message in dna.

    A Message About ID

  • A natural designer should put messages in dna; we already are.

    A Message About ID

  • I think CONDOM INPLANT got his brain dna from bush pool!!!!

    Think Progress » Breaking: Bush To Unveil “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq” Tommorow

  • Giant sheep which, through a virus, produce an immortality drug; underpeople, which are humans mixed with animal dna though before the notion of dna is around; the Garden of Death…

    Dante’s Inferno - Updated Trailer

  • its mother is a humpback whale, & i go over to her. she is hurt- she expected to raise a solitary calf, at least for a little while, but while she was the primary maternal donor of cellular matter, the dna was a cocktail of human & all cetacean genetic material. it is a creature of the pod already, & when she calls to it, the child doesn't understand her concerns.

    mordicai: crown me king!

  • I suggest we think of "dna" as a plausible illustration of what design is (or in the cell for that matter, or the heart, or the "eye" of Darwin, etc.).

    The Memory Hole

  • And just like you righties had NO PROBLEM having your 4th amendment taken away by Bush with his wire taps, and told us that if you have nothing to hide you will forfeit your right to privacy,,, well, you should have NO PROBLEM leaving a sample of your weapons "dna" so to speak and happily own your weapon into the sunset. Main RSS Feed

  • Other molecules such as dna/rna and stuff were roaming in the water and doing some evolution of their own - but they didnt get far because they were exposed to the environment.

    New Scientist - Online News


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  • deoxyribonucleic acid

    March 10, 2007