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  • n. A school for training in Japanese arts of self-defense, such as judo and karate.

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  • n. A training facility, usually led by one or more sensei


Japanese dōjō : , art; see aikido + , place (from Middle Chinese driang, trhiang).
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Japanese 道場 (dōjō, "place of the way") (Wiktionary)


  • The name dojo comes from the Japanese term for a gathering place for martial-arts students.

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  • The martial art may not matter, the morality instilled by the dojo is important here as well as the physical dominance of the instructor.

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  • My teacher, who students called Sensei, was a thirty-something-year-old Japanese man who owned a nice-sized space that we called the dojo.


  • I’m what they call a dojo bum, hopping from art to art, never nesting.


  • Some of the fighters and students in our dojo were our age.


  • In the past, it's been at Shihan Monty's Brooklyn dojo, which is the largest space, and also run by the senior-most teacher in our discipline, but Shihan Monty has recently moved and is in the process of remodeling the new space, and it's not quite ready for public consumption yet.

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  • My first day of training I walked into the dojo and realized that the heavy door looked as if it had come off an industrial freezer for a reason: the dojo was an abandoned meat locker.

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  • There's actually a mode called dojo mode, it's a tutorial or training mode, where you can learn how to improve your technique, brush up your technique, and learn to fight against really hardcore players as well.

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  • For example, this year we had a scala coding dojo, which is a relatively new concept.

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  • "It's really important to me because I'm the first junior black belt to go into dojo," said of his promotion to dojo, which is a Japanese term for a gathering place for martial arts students to train.

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