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  • noun Plural form of dominion.


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  • I then said, that if the motion made by the noble Lord was persisted in, I should most undoubtedly not oppose it, because it was impossible for me to give opposition to any measure which had even the appearance of adding strength to the exclusive rights of Ireland; that I was of opinion myself that the jurisdiction in question was not, by any means whatever, conveyed by the Act referred to; that the statute of Henry VIII. was not intended to affect any part of the King's dominions was clear to a demonstration, from the subsequent statute of the same King in explanation of it -- the preamble of which, referring to the former Act, does expressly speak of treasons committed out of this realm, _and other the King's dominions_; and that the circumstance of the adoption of the former Act by the Irish

    Memoirs of the Courts and Cabinets of George the Third From the Original Family Documents, Volume 1 (of 2)

  • England and Spain were, he declared, at peace, and no official could deny an Englishman the right to travel peaceably in Spanish dominions, unless a law expressly excluded them.

    Sea-Dogs All! A Tale of Forest and Sea

  • No! The union of a lot of weak disarmed dominions is nothing; but so long as we have the finest navy in the world it still means something.

    The Basis of Peace

  • In truth the history of the rise and growth of the various dominions is so different that it is not possible to imagine a uniform policy covering all the various issues which might arise.

    Imperial Plans in Education

  • Then likewise there were officers of the name of Emanuel de Cordova, Hananiel Garcia, and Isaac Miranda who assisted to extend the boundary of the empire and to win dominions for England across the seas.

    The Jews and Patriotism

  • Here in Linovia they were in Swedish dominions, but there was little to be purchased, for the peasantry had been brought to ruin by the foraging parties of the Russians and Poles.

    A Jacobite Exile Being the Adventures of a Young Englishman in the Service of Charles the Twelfth of Sweden

  • But the Barbarians were finally repulsed; the country became every day less favorable to the operations of cavalry; and when the Romans arrived at Macepracta, they perceived the ruins of the wall, which had been constructed by the ancient kings of Assyria, to secure their dominions from the incursions of the Medes.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • Constantius soon experienced the truth of the prediction which honest indignation had extorted from his injured lieutenant, that as long as such maxims of government were suffered to prevail, the emperor himself would find it is no easy task to defend his eastern dominions from the invasion of a foreign enemy.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • Witheric, the infant king, was saved by the diligence of Alatheus and Saphrax; two warriors of approved valor and fiedlity, who, by cautious marches, conducted the independent remains of the nation of the Ostrogoths towards the Danastus, or Niester; a considerable river, which now separates the Turkish dominions from the empire of

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • a commissioner to the French commander, to ask by what right he was building forts in English dominions; and also to treat with the

    Boys' Book of Famous Soldiers


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  • ... under thee as Head Supream

    Thrones, Princedoms, Powers, Dominions I reduce ...

    Milton, Paradise Lost III

    December 18, 2006