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  • adv. Deuced.
  • v. Dismissed from one's job as a result of one's actions on the Internet.


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from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Coined in 2002 from the pseudonym of American blogger Heather Armstrong.


  • In my own career, I have -- to use the popular blogging term -- been "dooced," so I have some sympathy for what Juan Williams is going through.

    Juan Williams Fired For All-Too-Common Offense In Media: Defaming Muslims

  • Denise at BlogHer relates the story of former blogger Madrigal of Agony who was inexplicably "dooced" out of her disability coverage for blogging about her daily pain.

    Saturday Slumgullion #6

  • It was pretty gutsy to write about the authorship thing - I hope you're not "dooced" by it and hopefully you know that term in blogland.


  • You’re dooced, which is another way to say you’re screwed.

    things fall apart

  • The incident fired up the blogging community and earned her a celebrity blogger status creating a coinage that is all her own (to be "dooced" is to be fired for something you write online).

    Vancouver Photography, Web Strategiest & Creative Director

  • How did you get your job with the English firm (the one that dooced you)?


  • Ha, when you were dooced, the paparazzi were the least of your worries!


  • Was it before you were dooced or did the media attention in July 2006 bring you to the attention of the publishing world?


  • "Olim meminisse juvabit", * (* It will be pleasant to remember former troubles - Virgil (not Seneca).) and dooced appropriate, too.


  • It reminded me of the olden days before you were dooced.



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  • To get dooced is to lose one's job because of one's website. The term was coined by blogger Heather B. Armstrong, after she was fired for writing stories about her colleagues on her blog

    November 7, 2011