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  • adj. Filled with doom and gloom: depressing or pessimistic


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From doom +‎ -y.


  • I couldn't have imagined as a 12-year-old living in my grandparents' house that someday I'd be a husband and father and writer, that I would be sitting here in this man's office, blowing my nose and wiping my eyes because—of all the things in the world to care about deeply—I care so much about Cleveland and these doomy bleeping teams.

    One Man's Derision Over the Decision

  • In the Guardian archive I found a news story from the doomy autumn of 2007, claiming that Labour ministers suddenly wanted to "speak more positively about the benefits of the EU in the face of the threats of terrorism, globalisation and a more aggressive Russia".

    Europhobia's no swivel-eyed Tory monopoly | John Harris

  • Arnolfini, Sat to 19 Nov; Part two: 9 Dec to 5 FebSSHere's a show staged in part-darkness that at times touches on psychologically doomy themes while at others it catalyses moments of pure sensuous illumination.

    This week's new exhibitions

  • Electronic noise, doomy metal, blasted folk: on the surface they're linked by nothing but their extremity but Supersonic is a place where such continuity as there is between performers is revealed by intelligent programming and the flexible nature of the venue.

    This week's new live music

  • Mr. Fassbender's lord of the cursed manor is worthy of his governess's love, even though he's no match for the one played by Timothy Dalton when it comes to bottomless despair or towering rage, and though he can't, or wisely won't, touch the doomy self-regard that Orson Welles brought to the role.

    See Jane Blossom: An Enthralling 'Eyre'

  • Her influences – from Morricone soundtracks to doomy goth and opera – suggest her music could be preposterously overblown, yet Calvi is clearly an expert when it comes to dynamics and restraint.

    January's best new music from across the MAP

  • Still only 23, he was in "legendarily rowdy upstarts" Les Incompetents and "legendarily doomy experimentalists" Ox.

    First sight: Spector

  • At the CTU office, an open-plan area with the doomy, metallic vibe of the Battlestar Galactica, operatives march frowningly about or sit at their stations, all jowly with blue computer glare.

    The Clock is Ticking for Jack Bauer

  • His perpetually doomy countenance has finally convinced his wife, Meredith Foster, to throw him out.

    Marshall Fine: Movie Review: The Beaver

  • Another concept album, this a singular encompasses a lovelorn lass, a shape-shifting boy, a deceitful rake, a enchanting river as good as a murderous timberland queen (to name usually a few) as good as facilities some-more doomy riffs than you'd ever consider possible.

    The Best Albums Of 2009, In Bigger Than The Sound | Industry Fokery


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  • CED:

    1 despondent or pessimistic

    2 depressing, frightening, or chilling

    April 29, 2009