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  • n. A type of ball, bowled by an off-spin bowler, that, unlike a normal off break, spins from leg to off for a right-handed batsman; the off-spinner's version of the googly.


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Hindi दूसरा (dūsrā, "second; other").


  • Saqlain was one of the top off-spinners in his prime and was credited with inventing the "doosra" - a delivery which spins the opposite way from normal off-spin. | Top Stories

  • Murali was also one of the first to perfect the so-called doosra

    Murali the Magnificent

  • The legality of the off-spinner's 'doosra' - the ball he turns away from the right-handed batsman - was questioned by former England captain Bob Willis during the First Test between Pakistan and England here, even though Ajmal's bowling action was cleared by the International Cricket Council in May 2009.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • 'doosra' -- the ball that turned into the left-hander instead of going away from him.

    Yahoo! Buzz US: Top Stories

  • 4. What did Bernard Bosanquet invent - in India it's called a doosra?

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • And when the spin became so vast yet predictable that batsmen began to learn how to play him, he developed the top spinner and then the "doosra", the other one, a delivery bowled with the same action but which turns away from the right-hander.

    Controversial, yes, but Muttiah Muralitharan merits his place in history

  • Bhajji springs in defence of 'doosra' by Sethu Maathavan

    Bhajji springs in defence of 'doosra'

  • Bhajji springs in defence of 'doosra' | GroundReport

    Bhajji springs in defence of 'doosra'

  • Muralitharan has also developed a special delivery called a "doosra" that spins in the opposite direction to his usual off spinner.

    Murli breaks it!

  • The "doosra" is an offspinner's variety that spins away from the right-hander.

    arabnews - frontpage


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  • In cricket, the off-spinner's equivalent of the googly.

    September 29, 2007