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  • n. A simple dance step in which two people, initially facing each other, walk around each other while always facing the same direction, going back to back. The phrase comes from French dos-à-dos , meaning "back to back", and is sometimes spelt dosido or do-si-do or dos à dos.
  • v. Also used as a verb, you can say "dosado your partner"


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  • There is also the “dosado,” where the dog starts in front of me again and we pass right shoulders as we circle around and return to the starting place.

    Born to Bark

  • Circle to the right, Swing your neighbor on the right, dosado, swing to your right and head home pass neighbor left

    Mystery Pictographs

  • So call it a dosado--colloquially, a "dosey-do"--a pas de deux or a tango: Lack is two-stepping out of the CEO spot--and taking the chairmanship from Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, who in turn takes the CEO's reins from Lack.

    After Downbeat Year, Sony BMG's Lack Cedes CEO Spot

  • Ol 'Time, the duo plans to dosado with their three young kids in tow.

    Boise Weekly

  • He coached us through each step: dosado, arm turn, hand star, courtesy turn, and promenade.

    Paper Bridges

  • "It takes about five minutes, and you explain to people what a dosado is and how to swing their partner and swing their corner.

    Boise Weekly


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  • Dosado (also written do-sa-do) or Dos-a-dos (also written dos a dos) or do-si-do (also written do si do) is a basic dance step in such dances as square dance, contra dance, polka, various historical dances, and some reels.

    The term is a corruption of the original French term dos-à-dos for the dance move, which means "back to back", as opposed to "vis-à-vis" which means "face to face".

    It is a circular movement where two people, who are initially facing each other, walk around each other without or almost without turning, i.e, facing in the same direction (same wall) all the time. In most cases it takes 6-8 counts to complete.


    February 6, 2008