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  • n. A person (or community) that lives downwind from a potential hazard (such as a nuclear power station)


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downwind +‎ -er


  • Andrew Kishner is a downwinder activist and founder of Idealist. ws, a grassroots organization that endeavors to slow and ultimately reverse the tide of global corporate and governmental suppression and cover-up (more ...)

    GI Joe vs Albert Schweitzer

  • Bill seeks to triple downwinder compensation; Hatch opposes it - Top Stories

  • Start at Woodbine, kite up to Victoria Park and downwinder speed runs. - Articles related to Air Canada launches Calgary-Tokyo non-stop service; Direct link with Asia offers convenient connecting flights throughout Asia

  • Cantwell pressed Harris on the downwinder lawsuit, which has dragged on since 1991.

    Tri-City Herald: Front

  • There are other groups, like HEAL and Western Shoshone Defense Project and so on, but those groups are usually much too focused on nuclear waste issues to look over at the Nevada Test Site and downwinder issues.

  • Then there’s silence, and the play ends with a reading of the names of the downwinder dead.

    A Nation Downwind

  • Reno-lawyer Robert Hager whose character was assassinated earlier this year by his local television station on top of his losing over $500,000 in lawyers fees when a Federal District Court Judge wouldn't admit that Hager won the Divine Strake lawsuit (Hager even ended up in the hospital one day due to stress over the 'Strake' fight); then you have Robert Loux, whose malfeasance led to his demise as head of the State of Nevada's Agency for Nuclear Projects that is the only effective government-wide check on the Nevada Test Site; then you have some fine activists in 'downwinder-country' Idaho, who are now fighting a proposed nuke plant and two of the lead activists got spun into the web of separate spurious (in my opinion) lawsuits filed by the nuke plant developer designed to 'tie up' the activists for a while; then you have others, many others, behind the scenes who gave up, sold out, are 'too busy,' and so on, and stopped their complaining about Nevada Test Site (NTS) dangers.


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  • "Downwinders refers to individuals and communities who are exposed to radioactive contamination or nuclear fallout from atmospheric or underground nuclear weapons testing, and nuclear accidents."

    - Wikipedia, cited April 2011.

    April 25, 2011