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  • Heraclitus, with his reduction of everything to fire, is the token monist; Empedocles, with his four elements, represents finite pluralism; and Anaxagoras, read through the lens of Aristotelian doxography as making all the ˜homoeomerous™ or ˜like-parted™ stuffs the elements, is treated as fundamentally sui generis.


  • The point of this psychological doxography is not unlike that of Incorporeal Substances: the soul is a “simple substance,” separate from body.


  • The identification of the five celestial zones depends on the discovery of the obliquity of the ecliptic, and some of the doxography duly assigns this discovery to Pythagoras as well and claims that Oenopides stole it from Pythagoras


  • There is an Ecphantus in the catalogue, but he is listed under Croton rather than Syracuse, so it cannot be certain whether he is the Ecphantus described in the doxography.


  • Eubulus version is of an idyllic character which has its counterpart in a hedonistic theme in the doxography


  • What is new in the Diogenes doxography is that it is applied to a “cosmos-state.”


  • The doxography contains in section 73 a passage of scientific, theoretical character.


  • This part of Diogenes 'doxography is the only place in the whole Diogenes tradition where we have a reference to a really scientific theory as a justification of Diogenes' views.


  • Diodorus Cronus | doxography of ancient philosophy | fatalism | future contingents | logic: ancient | logic: modal | logic: temporal |

    Dialectical School

  • Diogenes Laertius ” see doxography of ancient philosophy

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  • A work which describes the work and schools of thought of past (particularly classical) thinkers.

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