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  • adj. dreamy

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Full of dreams.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Full of dreams; marked by dreams or visionary thought.


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dream +‎ -ful


  • When I have allowed more flourishing and dreamful prose like this to flow about pacifism people have derided my lapse by suggesting that I need to get up on a cross.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • The consciousness accompanying dreamful sleep, the state between waking and sleeping, and deep meditation each exhibits a typical combination of EEG waves.

    Cosmic Symphony: A Deeper Look at Quantum Consciousness

  • I was lying down there, sleeping the long, deep, dreamful sleep.

    When We Dead Awaken

  • But here's what I mean: how may of you have arrived at a solution, invention, or great idea during dreamful sleep?

    Dr. Michael J. Breus: Sleep... and Get Rich

  • Now you must not think that I was not utter stirred by the wonder of this thing, that we had both a dreamful knowledge of the same matters, of which each had thought none other knew.

    The Night Land

  • And odd whiles I did lie with mine eyes half to open, and did look very dreamful upward among the dark branches of the tree, as they did show black and pretty against the redness of the shining that came from the sea; for there was stood a great and bright-burning fire-hill in that part of the sea that lay off the shore from me.

    The Night Land

  • And, in verity, as I did lie there so dreamful, it did come to me afresh how wondrous strange was mine adventure; and how that I did lie warm and alive in a Country of red light and smoking seas.

    The Night Land

  • Broad-based, timeless and dreamful, Sissy is the Indian.

    Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

  • It was her repose that soothed me: moulded clay is not so calm, the marble rose of silence not half so beautifully folded to dreamful rest, so lovely and so still no garden-statue could have been; the cool, soft night infiltrated its tranquillity through all her being.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 11, No. 67, May, 1863

  • I was conscious of various sensations -- pleasure, wonder, amusement, and, above all, of a dreamful ease; but I could not translate sensations into words at that time; they suggested no ideas.

    The Heavenly Twins


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