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  • adj. Excelling all others in some way.

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  • adj. not capable of being improved on


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  • He made the English language an organ of expression unexcelled in the history of literature.

    Brief History of English and American Literature

  • Lawns, on the whole are an ecological nightmare, especially large ones that are just for show (and not for walking, picnicking on or playing sports, for which pursuits lawns are unexcelled.)

    Matthew Yglesias » Density and Building Height

  • This avenue will run diagonally through the subdivision, and will make an unexcelled drive for automobiles and carriages.

    Alaska was hot on the minds of many in D.C. years before it won statehood

  • The common aim of the Mahayana is to train oneself in the six perfections by practising them out of a desire to obtain unexcelled enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings.

    Kalachakra Initiations by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  • Apart from his unexcelled background, no one had his experience operating the B-29 in combat, let alone duplicating his results in the CBI.


  • As an unexcelled operator, LeMay recognized that Wolfe the engineer had been handed a near impossible task.


  • Not simply do we be suffering with the unexcelled prices but our turnaround time for the treatment of your Xrumer posting is wonderful fast.

    The Silver Rabbit

  • However, whether one aspires to be "esteemed as a guest" or deemed to be "unexcelled as a host", the means of success are the same matter in the end, of remembering the golden rule.

    Michael Henry Adams: Why I Hate dogs: Useful Advice for Summer Guests and Hosts

  • Although she had been considered presidential material since, at least, the mid-90s (and was included in polls), Senator Clinton established herself as an unexcelled hard worker in the Senate during her first term, and continues working on legislation with her colleagues, putting her opinions and votes on the record (unlike Obama), and chairing her Senate Subcommittee (unlike Obama).

    Obama's Iowa Closing Argument....

  • Not really do we preserve the unexcelled prices but our turnaround tergiversate payment your Xrumer posting is wonderful fast.

    Your Right Hand Thief


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