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  • n. The time of the creation of the world in Australian Aboriginal mythology: "Aboriginal myths tell of the legendary totemic beings who wandered across the country in the Dreamtime . . . singing the world into existence” ( Bruce Chatwin).


Translation of Aranda (Aboriginal language of central Australia) aljerreŋe, in the dreamtime : aljerre, dream + -ŋe, from, of.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • And they are full of humor and mystery — myths that parallel our own (the origin of day and night, the flood); myths that account for the origins of art and customs (often by theft or trickery); myths which reveal by implication the social lives of people — all coming out of a "dreamtime" in which humans, otters, jaguars, fish, and vultures are intimately related by intermarriage and transformation.

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  • Often coming in the form of dreams or "dreamtime" eXperiences that - perchance - may awaken the latent Christs, Krishnas and Sleeping Buddhas in all of us - thunderbolts and lightning - very, very frightening - at first ... on the other side of a turbulent ocean - a calmer sea ... a new man - a new dogstar - a new heaven and earth ...

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  • Aboriginal "dreamtime" stories for example, spoke of fascinating mythical creatures known as bunyips. Current News - Top Stories

  • A woman participant, a traditional holder of ancient Cheyenne medicine from Lame Deer, Montana, enters the dreamtime.

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  • How might a motivated listener bypass any internalized resistance and savor a hit of their own dreamtime?

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  • Their muse delivers a trip through pure maternal dreamtime, the lost world deep in every person's memory.

    S.X. Rosenstock: CocoRosie Turns It On: Passion Is the Pull of Your Past

  • How these two possibilities manifest in dreamtime is different for everyone.

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  • But it's definitely not a mansion, way too ramshackle for that--and yet it always yields new rooms to accomodate dreamtime houseguests.


  • Melinda Gebbie takes us on the first leg of a two-part tour through the delinquent dreamtime of Beat-era San Francisco, the immensely civil but post-civilised Margaret Killjoy walks us through her blueprint for a scavenger economy, and self-sufficient-ish Dave Hamilton sows some genetically modified seeds of discontent.

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  • So my dreamtime love was now the stuff of nightmares.



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