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  • n. Act of trying to revive a dream without sleeping.
  • n. An attempt to discover what deeper meaning a dream might contain.


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  • All of which is to say that Wright's impressionistic fabrications do certainly induce a kind of dreamwork - in the grip of these tracks the mind drifts and speculates, at times floating completely free of any associative games at all.

    The Line Of Best Fit

  • Other works such as the After Bacon series, Subjective Object, and Taken are, at their core, also inspired by psychoanalysis and riff on the nature of human sexuality and the dreamwork, which make palpable unconscious defense mechanisms such as condensation and the concept of multi-determinism.

    Penelope Andrew: The Freud(ian)s: Inspired by Sigmund's Passion for Antiquities, Jane Debuts Her Own Paradigms of the Unconscious

  • But experimenting with different arts -- even if they take the form of doodles in a notebook margin or poems you scratch out on cocktail napkins -- are all forms of expressed dreamwork and it will always pay back in your writing on some level.

    Interview: Michael Arnzen

  • This decision suggests that LeBron, media frenzy aside, has enough humility to grasp the old adage: teamwork makes the dreamwork.

    Andrew Wilkes: Lebron James and the Taste of Humble Pie

  • Introducing The Dream Tribe, a members-only online community where you can get instant feedback on your dreams, connect with experts in many different kinds of dreamwork, and find your place in the worldwide clan of dreamers.

    Anne Hill: Calling All Dreamers!

  • And do you have any tips about dreamwork in general?

    January 2008

  • Wild psyche (uncontrolled by ego) -- eco-dreamwork, free association in nature, collective mythology, meditation practices

    Linda Buzzell: What's Your Favorite Method of Nature-Connection?

  • It included communications training, sensory awareness, massage, meditation, guided imagery, dreamwork, dream communities, aggression release and assertiveness training, and dyadic encounters, as well as many types of group work to help them become sensitive to the needs of others.

    Robert Rose: We Won't Do It, Mr. Rose

  • Besides the dreamwork, each group was to help each member of its community with whatever lesson they were assigned.

    Robert Rose: We Won't Do It, Mr. Rose

  • Diversity of opinion and belief is beneficial in dreamwork, as it is often the outlying perspective that produces the greatest "aha" moments in a dream.

    Anne Hill: How to Start a Dream Group


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  • A complex of emergent consciousness processes and technologies (refer Worldwork; Transpersonal Psychology) based on ancient traditions (refer Dream Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Trance).

    Dreamworking differs from classical dream interpretation in that the aim of dreamwork is to explore the various images and emotions that a dream presents and evokes, while not attempting to come up with a single, unique dream meaning. In this way the dream remains "alive" whereas if it has been assigned a specific meaning, it is "finished" (i.e., over and done with). Dreamworkers take the position that a dream may have a variety of meanings, depending on the levels (e.g. subjective, objective) that are being explored.

    May 13, 2008