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  • verb Present participle of drool.


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  • "The Oxford Dictionary says it's 'To drivel, to slaver'. I give you the lie, in our battery Drooling had an entirely different meaning. It started on the farm and, in our case, the cause of drooling was sexual frustration. If you saw a lone gunner for no perceptible reason suddenly make a low groaning sound that sounded like OOOOLEEEEDOOLEYYYYYY, at the same time appearing to grab an erect invisible phallus with both hands that by their position indicated a 'chopper' about five feet in length, which he then proceeds to thud against the nearest wall with a cry of OLLEEEDOOLEE, THWAKKKK!! OLLEEEDOOLEEEE THWACK!!, this was the new Drooling craze. It was not abnormal to come into the pre-parade gatherings of bored gunners all apparently holding mighty invisible choppers, thudding them against walls, trees and the ground. When Major Jenkins first witnessed this from a distance, he asked Sgt. Jock Wilson, 'What are they doing, Sergeant?'

    And Wilson said, 'It's something to do with the shortage, sir.'

    Jenkins parried, 'The shortage of what?'

    Wilson replied, 'We don't know, sir.'"

    - Spike Milligan, 'Mussolini: My Part In His Downfall.'

    July 30, 2009